This is the part taking part in the suspension system and which is assembled to the shock absorber in order to enable a safe drive of the vehicle. The wishbones which take part in the front alignment of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles can prevent the damages which may occur in the vehicle if it hits a ditch instantly. The product endurance and useful life tests of the wishbones are precisely performed in our quality laboratory equipped with state of the art technology.

Ball Joint

This is a sphere-shaped suspension part which moves to any direction. It receives any movements coming from the steering system and hands over from the tie rod and relays to the steering joint and enables that the tires are connected to the axles under any circumstances. Orjin ball joints which are manufactured with materials which are in accordance with international standards by taking customers’ special request into respect are tested to meet any required standards and are presented to customer safely.

Tie Rod End

This is the part which relays the movement from the steering to the tires and which ensures that the tires turn in vertical axis. It has to be in a vibration angle which enables maximum turning movement of the tires. Orjin tie rod ends are manufactured in our own facilities and are presented to inland and foreign markets with a broad product diversity.

Axial Joint

The axial joint which relays the movement received from the steering to the tie rod end is used for the connection of the steering gear and the tire axle equipment. The joint end is connected to the steering box whereas the other end is connected to the tie rod end. Orjin stabilizer links are manufactured by prioritizing safety elements and upon executing necessary tests.

Stabilizer Link

The stabilizer link is a component of the torque stabilizer which is a significant part of the suspension system and activates where movement transmission between the tires is necessary during driving. All of the stabilizer links which we manufacture for almost the entire brands and models of the vehicle park are presented to the market with conscience of high quality and continuous development.


Bushings which are a crucial component of the wishbone are parts which absorb impacts and vibrations in the vehicle at the beginning and which prevent and restrict vibrations to reach the wishbone body. Bushings which are manufactured with a combination of rubber and metal meet the related standards with the support of dimensional measurements, load tests and useful tests performed in our quality laboratories.

Other Products

Clutch Fork

The clutch fork is a part which enables the control by the vehicle driver of the clutch lining movements by a pedal and a wire between the pedal and the fork. It is a part which can be controlled by the clutch pedal in order to enable the clutching control of the clutch lining. With this part, the pedal movements are transmitted to the clutch lining. In new model vehicles this process is executed with a hydraulic center. However, in old vehicles, usually single clutch forks are available.

Track Control Arm

These are the biggest and most critical parts which hold the tires straight but restrict movements impacted by external forces but yet allow upwards and downwards movements. Product endurance and useful life tests are precisely performed in our quality laboratories equipped with state of the art technology and our Orjin track control arm production is available for many brands and models.