Besides the production of top-quality steering and suspension parts, and customer satisfaction, Orjin Automotive embarks on the health and safety of the employee and working environment as a key stone of sustainable development. There is no process which is excluded from the OHSAS scope, in all processes OHSAS is evaluated at first.

In this scope, following activities are executed:
Occupational Health and Safety risk management,
Compliance with the law,
Accident root cause analysis and near-miss reviews
Surveillance activities,
Periodical controls,
Emergency state drills.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Activities

In compliance with the laws:
An occupational health and safety council is available which holds monthly meetings.
In scope of OHSAS, risk analysis is made and updated.
In risk prevention and protection actions; studies for “protection at source” which is the first stage are made,
A system for near-miss is established and near-misses are managed,
A full-time health personnel is employed to ensure continuity of medical services for employees.
Another medical personnel is employed as an assistant to medical matters.
Infirmary services are provided under the supervision of the full-time on-site doctor and other medical personnel and periodical health checks of employees and, as the case may be, vaccination processes are performed,
Health control plans are made for each employee and accordingly, surveillance controls are made depending on the workplace (chest radiography, blood test, audiometry measurement, aspiration function test etc.)
The working environment is controlled, legal periodical measurements are made by accredited bodies,
Employees are trained in scope of OHSAS and are made aware of chemicals, working with chemicals and Material Safety Data Sheets,
Chemicals are stored according to the required environmental and OHSAS requirements,
Audits are performed and audit results are followed up by action plans,
Accident root cause analysis are reviewed, actions are implemented for eliminating such causes and the expansion of actions is ensured,
Important parameters related to OHSAS (accident frequency rate, accident weight ratio) is followed up and targets are set on department basis,
Certifications required by the employee or the job (forklift license) are immediately included in the training plan and is realized,
Professional training needs are defined and such needs are fulfilled,
Working permits (work with fire, work at height etc.) are issued and in case of such works, first the permits are obtained and then the work is started,
Supplier are assessed and audited in terms of OHSAS as well and newly assigned suppliers are assessed,
Subcontractors to work in the factory are contracted under an OHSAS agreement and requirements are defined clearly.
Emergency plans and teams are defined and team members are trained and drills are performed,
Periodical controls of equipment and vehicles (lifting equipment controls, air tanks, grounding etc.) are made in accordance with the legal processes,
The OHSAS week is celebrated with various contests and events (such as slogan contests or definition of hidden dangers).
We participate in events and committee actions related to OHSAS organized by associations such as TAYSAD or KALDER which we are members of and such activities are supported.