CMM (three-dimensional measurement device)

This device is actively used in commissioning of new products and serial production whereas verification and efficiency in measurements is ensured.

Life Tests

During the design stage and in scope the supplier development studies, all bushings are commissioned upon long-term tests made with the life test device.

Metallographic Examination

During input control operations, all sheet and metal raw materials are controlled by tests made with the hardness measuring device.

Material Load Tests

Test plates prepared for sheet raw material are subject to periodical pulling-elongation tests made with our pull-push device and all load tests defined for our products according to the related standards are performed as well (spot welding approvals; tie rod – tie rod end – stabilizer link joint egression tests etc.)

Dimensional Controls

Periodical controls are made in the entire input-process-final controls with appropriate equipment; further, if deemed necessary, a measurement microscope is used with the support of a profile projection device and cutting-polishing device.