Opposing mobbing, exclusion and patronage in the workplace.
Non-employment of child labors, refusal of such employment.
Execution all legal requirements related to environment and fulfillment of environmental protection liabilities.
Preventing the acquiring of illegal gain from any person and/or organization under any circumstances and for any purpose; refusal of bribery and not pursuing any goal which may gain any advantage.
To identify any non-execution of the related law, legislation or rules or, in case of any suspect related to such matter, to notify in oral and/or written the related company unit in charge.
To ensure that employees shall be free to submit their suggestions and/or complaints on any matter. No sanctions and/or forcings shall be applied on the employees in this respect.


In scope of the content defined by law and legislation;
To ensure continuity in employee and customer satisfaction, to provide customer-focused, top quality, timely production/delivery and to achieve one of the first places in the ranking list of preferred brands in Turkey and the world.
To execute the Quality Management system in the best manner in line with the TS EN ISO 9001:2015 / IATF 16949:2016 standards and, as the whole team, to adapt and continuously develop it
Based on the principle of “management by objectives”; to expand the processes by strategic reviews and internal trainings and to prepare the company for the future,
To increase employees’ motivation and contribute to their individual development by periodical trainings,
To work under the occupational health and safety law without any compromise and to give necessary trainings to increase awareness,
To contribute to our suppliers’ development
To realize production with awareness of our liabilities towards society and environment.